How  your Energy Influences your Illness and Health
It is already known that everything is energy, including our thoughts and emotions. We can feel uncomfortable or become ill when our energy flows are blocked or disturbed. Energy imbalances can be caused by both internal factors  (stress, anxiety, trauma, phobia, false
belief systems etc) as well as external factors (nutrition, environmental stress, posture, exercises etc). The accumulation
of one or other such factors in our energy fields impact our capacity to
work at our peak ability.
The structure of our brain programming starts an an early age in life through collection of various information and impressions resulting from the impact
of cultural, social and genetic factors.
The belief and behavioural programs created by these stored images and information remain etching in our body/mind/energy system until we
become aware of our experiences and
understand how they are created by our
beliefs- good or bad.
All systems in our physical body (organs, glands etc) are linked to the energy systems (aura, chakras and meridians) of our body. When the energy supplied to our physical body systems is disrupted, their ability to defend themselves against injuries and disease  is predictable impacted.
Similarly, the health of our energy systems regulates our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. If there is any distortion or blockage in our energy systems we feel lost, stressed and drained, which subsequently effects our physical body and organs in negative manner. However, if our energy systems are balanced and clear we would be better positioned to deal with circumstances and situations we might otherwise perceive as stressful.





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