How dose Energy Healing work?

energy healing clears blocks in the “human energy fields” or “aura”, chakras and meridians.

Healing works with subtle energy systems wherein the cause of the illness can be found. Illness and diseases are our body’s way of making us aware about the imbalance in the energy flow of our body. It illustrates the possible malfunctioning of some aspect in our lives. If we ignore such initial messages, it will result in an increasingly serious condition that will force us to pay attention to our body. Understanding our body’s indications while feeling unwell or

"dis-eased" may encourage us to take

positive steps on working with our body using a positive approach and 

manifesting appropriate changes

that imbue healing properties.

Energy healing will help you to attain such changes effortlessly, as it works purely with the energetic level of our being and facilitates the self-healing process by enhancing energy flow, correcting disturbances and clearing blocks in the “human energy fields” or “aura”, chakras and meridians. The repairing and 
rebalancing of energy flow helps your body to adjust and heal at its own pace
in a proper manner. 
Understanding the relationship between body and energy flow is helpful to shed light on the nature of the disease and its location. This can guide us towards the location of the energy imbalance or block, as well as the path we need to follow in order to clear that block energetically. By working with the energy system, we can access all levels of the mind, body and spirit to attain holistic healing. Energy healing does not only regard the illness in a medical domain, but enhances the energy balance of your body, mind and emotions. 





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