4. At the end of the session, I invite the client to open their eyes and wake up from the deep relaxation. I close

the session by speaking to the

client about their experience

and our session.

What to expect?

1. The first session is an introductory session where I will discuss

the needs and motivation for choosing

energy healing in order to

understand the client's overall 


2. An energy healing session comprises

of the following steps:

Guided words to meditate accompanied

with harmonious melodies that creates

a warm and relaxing environment.

I choose the corresponding therapy intuitively and customise it to the patient's

needs to achieve an optimum

energy circulation.

3. As the session progresses, clients often experience the feeling of their energy flow

for the first time. Each client

experiences this differently.

Most commonly it is described

as a feeling of warmth and coldness followed  by tingling in different

areas of the body. Most client regard

such feelings as extremely relaxing,

which results in some achieving a somewhat deep sleep phase during the session. In such instances, the extreme level of energy healing is attained.




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Phone Number: 07576990292

Sessions available at

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