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About Me

My intention

Is to support you in learning how to harness the power of the present moment so that you can achieve long-held goal and ambitions. 

My mission 

To help you find that sense of inner calm that is often lacking in our noisy and chaotic world. Finding this balance and inner stability allows us to connect to our purpose in life with greater clarity and confidence. 

My values 

Stem from the belief that every person on Earth is unique in their greatness and it is part of the greater whole. Collaboration, compassion and tolerance help us work together, to reach our full potential and strengthen humankind. 

My Journey

Amongst her clients, Haifa is known for the gentleness of her approach, pure energy and serenity. Her true gift—love and compassion in delivering her work—has made a meaningful difference in the lives of other, such as a client who was able to avoid using very strong painkillers after having a stroke, or helping others realise their childhood trauma, for the first time in years, and experiencing deep healing. Moreover, she enables her clients to start a new journey in their life, with improved emotional resilience and daily self-care, so that they begin to feel more connected to who they are after living suppressed under worries and high levels of stress for many years. 

What makes this work so rewarding for Haifa, is witnessing the personal growth and healing process of her clients as they reconnect with their pure essence through enriched physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

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