“Haifa helped me through a time of physical and emotional exhaustion and fatigue. In the first session I had with her she immediately identified this exhaustion and helped me recognise the issue and also through energy healing supported me to find my mojo back. What I found exceptional about her is the gentleness of her approach, energy and serenity one receives in her sessions. Working with her helped me find the love and appreciation for myself again and the energy to care for my body and soul to bounce back in life with joy.”

Panthea L./ London

"Last year I suffered from tendinitis in my thumb triggering severe pain and loss of motion at times. The doctors concluded that my only course of treatment is to undergo surgery. However, I decided to seek an alternative path which began when I started energy healing sessions with Haifa. Since I am currently living abroad, Haifa offered me distance healing and virtual sessions through which she totally healed my thumb completely. Leaving me with increased tactile motor skills and no tenderness. Moreover, she helped me emotionally and I have been able to effortlessly make a great shift in my life.
In the past I was not able to control my anger but with every session I felt more calm, peaceful and balanced.
I am deeply thankful to Haifa, who helped me with her gentleness, intuitiveness and healing power to open up a more healing way of life."

Eftekar A./Istanbul

"Haifa is an exceptional healer. She helped me break through at the time when I was feeling stuck in life.
Haifa really spends time to get to the root of the issues and sent me home with tools to further enhance my daily life. Having these three sessions with Haifa helped me release things that had built up, this was powerful indeed. Haifa devoted her time not only during the session but would check the following day as well. I really appreciated having Haifa as my healer and helping me move forward in life. Thank you Haifa!!!"

Jyoti R, London

"I would like to thank Haifa for all the energy sessions she has given me so far. I was emotionally unstable and had difficulties finding myself, but after her healing I felt refreshed and empowered. We concentrated on my emotional imbalance, in which I have seen immense improvement. The level of deep relaxation is incredible, I felt detached from everything around me and I was able to connect deeply to my inner core.
Haifa has also helped calm the pain in my lower abdomen, which the GP hasn't given  me medications for yet. I am so happy to have her as my regular energy healer, thank you."

Rosalie A./ London

"I first met Haifa whilst attending regular healing sessions at Wimbledon. Haifa is a gentle, effective and powerful healer. She possesses the perfect blend of empathy, communication and compassion skill sets desirable in a healer. Haifa can get to the core of patients concerns, to help solve life issues and help offer solutions to their answers. I am very grateful to have met Haifa and be one of her clients, she has helped me do much over the year."

Michelle M./ London

“I came to Haifa in a time, when I felt lost, had no motivation and I doubted myself a lot. I had virtual sessions with Haifa and she helped me find myself, find strength and purpose in my life. Every one around me saw the positive change in me and for the first time in my entire life, good opportunities just appeared in my life. I really appreciate Haifa’s work with me and I will thank her my entire life for helping me become a conscious being”.

Rawda N. /Riyadh

"I'd like to thank Haifa for the great healing session. She took my stress out so well and I felt very relax and light afterwards. During the healing, my body became so relax and for a while I couldn't feel it, I was part of the surrounding. It was an enjoyable journey and I didn't want it to stop. I'll come back again, you have a wonderful energy."

V.R/ London

I've had a fear of insects and arachnids since I could remember. As I've gotten older my anxiety has only worsened, and has been affecting my life in more ways than one. After only one EFT session with Dr. Haifa, I felt that I had made immense progress. While tapping, she guided me back to when the fear first started. As the session went on, I felt that my angst was melting away. She also helped me delve into the root of my phobia, and that consequently helped control my anxiety even more. I came out of the session feeling that for the first time, I had control over a fear that has been a part of my life for a very long time.

Deema /London

I was introduced to Dr Haifa Al-Dubai by a friend who had treatments with her in the past and recommended her. When she first started treatment, I was in agony due to a severe, untreated progressive autoimmune illness that made me almost immobile for months. At this stage I felt that my condition immediately stabilised after the first two treatments with Dr Al-Dubai. When I finally got a diagnosis and medication to suppress the symptoms, I continued with a weekly therapy session with Dr Al-Dubai. It took three months, but I am now back to doing sports, and only needing a fraction of my medication. I don't know how it works, but such quick recovery was not expected by western medicine standards, and my doctor keeps talking about needing to take medication possibly for years. I am confident that due to Dr Al-Dubai's help I can prove him wrong next time I see him. To me it feels like that Dr Al-Dubai has somehow managed to strengthen the self-healing capabilities of my own body. I can highly recommend her treatments, they work, and we don't need to always understand why.


Bernhard /London