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Healing Oasis Kids

Children's Courses

Healing Oasis Kids’ courses are:

  • designed for children from age six through to adolescence.

  • tailored to help improve children's knowledge of scientific topics alongside their physical and emotional well-being.

  • a great asset to help understand and memories difficult scientific information and topics in an easy and enjoyable way.

  • equipped with 5-6 minutes, peaceful and loving meditations narrating different stories from the biological world.

  • supported by 8-9 minutes fun physical movement, dance and yoga sessions enacting the contents of the course topics.

  • enriched by 4-5 minutes breathing sessions.

  • for children to assist in developing clear and focused minds and to help children connect with their inner calm.

  • entertaining for bored children and support overwhelmed parents.

Strong Immune System Course
Children from the Age of 6 to 12 Years Old

Our Strong Immune System course teaches children how the body works to keep them fit and healthy through a series of meditations, yoga dance and breathing exercises.


Happy Little Girl

Our Solar System Course
for Children from the Age of 6 to 12 Years Old

This course helps to raise your child’s awareness of how our planet earth is designed to be the perfect home for us. Not to mention the feeling of relaxation, reassurance, having fun whiles learning  and awaking of interest in astronomy. 

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