My Mission
To help you find that sense of inner calm that is often lacking in our noisy and chaotic world. Finding this balance and inner stability allows us to connect to our purpose in life with greater clarity and confidence.
My Vision
To play a part in creating a world where every person on this diverse planet can achieve inner peace and greater contentment in their lives.
Heal everyone, inspire, connection between physical and energitic body, Dr. Haifa Al-Dubai, energy healer, London, Wimbledon
My Values
Stem from the belief that every person on Earth is unique in their greatness and is part of the greater whole.
Collaboration, compassion and tolerance help us work together, to reach our full potential and strengthen humankind. 





Phone Number: 07576990292

Sessions available at

    Jiva Health Wimbledon,    
19A Wimbledon Bridge, 
SW19 7NH London UK

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