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Sat, 18 Mar



Transformational Breath® Introductory Workshop to Release Anxiety and Manage Stress

Join me to breathe and experience the magnificent Transformational Breath® Award Winning Therapy in 2.5 hours workshop.

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Transformational Breath® Introductory Workshop to Release Anxiety and Manage Stress
Transformational Breath® Introductory Workshop to Release Anxiety and Manage Stress

Time & Location

18 Mar 2023, 14:30 – 17:00

London, Light Centre, 9 Eccleston St, London SW1W 9LX, UK


About the event

Are you in a constant worried mode and can’t seem to switch off?

Or perhaps you live in a constant fear that you might mess up. Maybe you can’t seem to quiet your mind with all your racing thoughts.

These are all symptoms of stress and anxiety.

You may have tried different tools, but they have helped only to a certain degree, or maybe you are at a loss as what to do.

Now it is time to try something different, a healing resource you were born with; your breath.

We take on average of 20.000 breaths a day and our breath tell our life story. We don’t only breathe to live but also, we use our breath to repress and suppress our emotions, making us feel stressed, anxious and stuck. Everyone has their unique breathing pattern, affecting how we process information and live our lives. We hold onto unnecessary tension within our respiratory system and this not only restricts us from breathing deeply but also from living fully.

I will hold a safe space for you, as you are shown a simple breathing technique. This technique alleviates the restricted breathing pattern you unconsciously developed over your lifetime. This is crucial because if you can improve your breathing, then you will be able to switch your thoughts off, allowing you to relax. This will enable you to engage with life more positively and confidently.

Why am I inviting you to try Transformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath® won an award from The Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine for best complementary therapy in 2014. Moreover, the Transformational Breath® Foundation is a fully accredited breathwork school within the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

Transformational Breath® is a conscious breathing technique, which utilises the body’s resources towards wholeness and wellbeing. As it allows the body to shift from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) into the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (its calm and relaxed state). Furthermore, it is safe, simple and allows us to reconnect to our natural way of breathing. Some of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits that people experience after practicing are:

  • Slowing down your heart rate      and reducing tension, stress and anxiety.
  • Increasing your intestinal,      glandular activities and energy levels.
  • Boosting the immune system      and detoxifying your body.
  • Supporting better      concentration, focus and clarity.
  • Improving sleeping patterns,      emotional awareness and regulation.
  • Helping the integration of      past traumas and painful emotions.
  • Creating a healthy      relationship with yourself and others.
  • Deepening the connection to      your higher self, intuition and creativity.
  • Enhancing the feeling of      calm, resilience and wellbeing.

If you would like to treat yourself by bringing these benefits into your busy, stressful life, you are welcome to join us, wherever you are at in your breathing journey.

No previous breathing experience is required, just be open for this exciting exploration.

Schedule of workshop

1. Introduction of the Transformational breath technique.

2. Short body break.

3. Full facilitated breath session.

4. Closing the workshop with guided meditation.

How should I plan for this event?

1. You will be lying down in mats with pillows and blankets during this session.

2. Wear loose comfortable clothing. (Nothing too tight or restrictive round the waist).

3. Bring a refillable water bottle.

4. Please arrive promptly.

Testimonial from previous workshops:

“Excellent explanations and guidance; very clear & simple to follow. Beautiful energy, very safe & loving facilitations. I experience an emotional release.”

“An incredible experience. I look forward to carrying my journey. I felt emotional release afterwards.”

“I felt very safe and secure which allowed me to enjoy it.”

“I felt a deeper connection with myself.”

“I was able to relax and reconnect with my body after a couple hectic weeks of work.”

“It was very relaxing. I learn so much and I will try to keep practicing at home.”

“I learned a technique that I can easy use any time. A way to calm and relax.”

“A feeling of contentment and being able t relax in a safe environment.”

“This is my first breathing workshop. All the experience and knowledge shared by Haifa is now for me. It has been such an amazing and eye opener experience. What I like most is practical guidance offered.”

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